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Texas, and the Houston area especially, is continually trying to meet the needs of a growing population by expanding existing roads, making necessary repairs, and building new highways. This is good for the economy, but the increased number of work zones on our roads can also mean an increased number of accidents. Traffic congestion, confusion about direction, road debris – all of this can lead to an unexpected and serious collision.

The work zone accident and injury attorneys at the Kishinevsky Law Firm are well-versed in these types of claims. Our Houston legal team can sit down with you to talk about what happened and determine all the potential liable parties. Whether it was you or a loved one who suffered injury, we want to guide you through the claims and compensation process so you can focus on taking care of the things that matter most – your family and your health.

Your questions, answered

  • How common are work zone accidents in Texas?
  • What are typical causes of Houston work zone accidents?
  • What is the Texas “Move Over or Slow Down” law?
  • What types of injuries happen from work zone accidents?
  • What is the value of my Houston work zone accident claim?
  • Is there a work zone accident lawyer near me?
Work Zone Accident Lawyer Houston TX

How common are work zone accidents in Texas?

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recognizes National Work Zone Awareness Week each April as a reminder to motorists to drive safely in construction and work zones across the state. TxDOT reports the following about the more than 3,100 active wok zones in Texas. In 2021:

  • Over 26,000 accidents occurred in work zones
  • 244 fatalities resulted from these accidents
  • 856 people suffered in these accidents

They also note:

Drivers and their passengers accounted for the majority of those who died in Texas work zone crashes in 2021. 195 motorists and vehicle passengers were killed, along with 38 pedestrians, four bicyclists, and three roadside construction workers. Speeding and driver inattention were among the leading causes of work zone crashes.

Texas drivers are required to move over a lane or reduce their speed to 20mph when encountering a TxDOT construction or utility vehicle.

What are typical causes of Houston work zone accidents?

Work zone accidents often have different causes than other types of car accidents. Some of the more common reasons these crashes occur include:

  • Changing traffic conditions. Whenever the regular traffic pattern changes, there’s an increased risk for an accident. When a driver isn’t paying attention to new merges, stop signs, or flaggers, an accident can occur in an instant.
  • Construction equipment. Vehicles in a work zone can include dump trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, as well miscellaneous trucks and large machines. If these are used in a negligent manner or malfunction, they can easily crush any vehicle in their path, as well as causing serious injuries or worse to any cyclist or pedestrian. Equipment and debris scattered in the roadway can also cause a vehicle to lose control.
  • Blind spots. Work zones can create decreased visibility, whether due to lane closures, overly bright nighttime lights, or machines blocking your view. When a driver, or a worker, can’t see everything around them, the chances for a car accident skyrocket.
  • Distracted drivers. Some drivers also want to see what’s going on in a work zone, and forget to pay attention to the road. Even a second of inattention can cause a tragic accident, especially in a work area, where drivers may be unfamiliar with the traffic pattern.
  • Company or worker negligence. The construction company must set up and maintain a safe work zone, including proper signage and warnings to motorists. They must ensure motorists are protected from construction hazards in work zones, and ensure their workers are protected from traffic.

The Houston work zone attorneys at the Kishinevsky Law Firm can help investigate the cause of your accident – often these types of accidents involve multiple vehicles and multiple liable parties. We want to help you make sense of what happened and how to move forward with your claim.

What is the Texas “Move Over or Slow Down” law?

As we mentioned earlier, Houston drivers are required to either move over or slow down when encountering a TxDOT construction vehicle. This law is called “Move Over or Slow Down,” and was implemented with the goal of keeping our workers and first responders safe when performing their jobs out on our roads and highways. The TxDOT explains:

This law requires drivers to move over a lane or slow to 20 mph below the posted speed limit when approaching emergency vehicles, law enforcement, tow trucks, utility service vehicles, TxDOT vehicles or other highway construction or maintenance vehicles using visual signals or flashing lights activated on the roadside. On roadways with posted speed limits of 25 miles per hour or less, drivers must reduce their speed to 5 miles per hour.

Drivers can receive a fine for $200 for breaking this law, and if they cause an accident resulting in injury to a worker, this fine can go up to $2,000.

What types of injuries happen from work zone accidents?

Like any kind of car accident, a collision or crash in a work zone can result in serious injuries, including:

We review your medical records, speak with your doctors and specialists, and talk to your employers, colleagues, and anyone else who can speak to how your injuries are affecting you. We can then use this information to present the true extent of your injuries to a jury or to the insurance company during negotiations. We are not doctors, but we have worked with countless clients who have suffered the same types of devastating injuries. We know what kind of burden this will place on you and your family. Our Houston personal injury lawyers understand that a traumatic accident can affect you in a variety of ways, for the rest of your life, and we want to help.

What is the value of my Houston work zone accident claim?

At the Kishinevsky Law Firm, we understand that every client and every case is unique, and we work to hold all the responsible parties accountable for your injuries and losses. However, with a successful resolution of your case, you may be eligible for the following compensation:

  • Coverage of medical expenses, both current and future
  • Wage loss and future earning potential due to your injuries
  • Physical or occupational therapy, if necessary
  • Pain and suffering damages, both past and future
  • Mental anguish and physical impairment, both past and future

In cases of egregious or intentional negligence, our attorneys can also seek punitive damages on your behalf. We can explain more about the different types of compensation at your free consultation.

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Is there a work zone accident lawyer near me?

The Kishinevsky Law firm is located at 13831 Northwest Fwy., Suite 312 in Houston. We offer plenty of parking, and there’s also a bus stop right in front of our building. If your injuries are too severe to come to us, we can come to your home, hospital, rehabilitation center, or meet with you via telephone or Zoom. We’re here for you.

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