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If you’re involved in a car accident with a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages or, worse, a hit and run, you’ll have to turn to your own insurance for compensation. Depending on your specific insurance policy, you may have coverage for damages caused by an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

However, even if your insurance policy has the right kind of coverage to compensate you for the damages caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you can’t always count on your insurance company to pay you what you are owed for your claim. Although your insurance company promises to protect its customers, you may find yourself fighting them to secure the compensation to which you’re entitled. The Houston injury attorneys at the Kishinevsky Law Firm work to help clients injured in accidents with uninsured and underinsured drivers. Talk to us today about what we can do for you, and how we can help you with the claims process and help you get the compensation you are owed.

What is Texas uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance?

In an article about uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage, Forbes reports that one out of every eight motorists don’t carry insurance. If you’re involved in a car accident with a motorist who doesn’t have insurance, or who is underinsured, you can be left with all of the bills – medical bills, car repair, wage loss, and everything related to the crash.

If you’re wondering if you need UM/UIM coverage – you do. The Texas Department of Insurance notes, “You never know when the person who hits you will have insurance or enough insurance to pay for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. Uninsured motorist coverage also pays if you’re in a hit-and-run accident and the other driver can’t be found to pay for damages.”

Is uninsured motorist insurance required in Texas?

No, it’s not. However, your insurance company is required to offer it, and you must reject this coverage in writing. Specifically, Texas insurance companies must offer the following uninsured motorist coverage:

  • A minimum of $30,000 in bodily injury coverage per person; up to $60,000 total per accident
  • A minimum of $25,000 in property damage insurance per accident

The fact that you have to reject uninsured motorist coverage in writing should show you how important it is. Injuries from a car accident can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars – not just for the initial injury, but also for follow-up treatments, therapies, and future medical needs.

What types of injuries happen in Houston car accidents?

Car accidents, including hit and runs, can result in severe or catastrophic injuries. When the at-fault driver is uninsured or flees the scene, chances are high they had their insurance revoked for previous traffic accidents, or could no longer afford their premiums due to risky driving. Accidents caused by uninsured motorists often include things like:

If you or a loved one have experienced these types of injuries in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, we want to help. Our Houston personal injury attorneys can work with your medical team to determine the extent of your injuries and how they will affect your life, both now and far into the future – ensuring your insurance company fulfills their duty and provides you fair and proper compensation.

What happens after an accident with a Houston uninsured motorist?

After an accident caused by another person, you usually turn to their car insurance to cover the expenses related to the crash, like your medical bills or lost wages. However, when the at-fault driver has no insurance, or your expenses exceed the limits of their policy, that’s where your uninsured motorist insurance kicks in.

However, the relevant facts of each specific situation are different, and the team at Kishinevsky Law Firm are happy to sit down with you at a consultation to go over the specific details of your case.

How can I prove my claim to the insurance company?

Car insurance companies purport to be on your side, run advertisements claiming to be your friend and neighbor, and tell you they are working for you. However, when you attempt to seek compensation after a serious accident, you may find these billion-dollar companies to be acting in a way that is not friendly, neighborly, and certainly not what you would expect from someone who is supposed to be on your side or working for you. Our Houston attorneys work to hold insurance companies accountable and make them abide by the law when you need to make a claim under the policy you bought with your hard-earned money. We work to gather relevant evidence and demonstrate to your insurance company that:

  • The uninsured driver was the at-fault driver in the accident. We can use police reports, your testimony, surveillance videos and photographs, or any other relevant evidence to show the other driver’s negligence or recklessness.
  • The driver was uninsured at the time of the accident. If the driver or vehicle is known, we can usually obtain relevant evidence to show the status of the other driver’s insurance at the time of the accident.

When your insurance company doesn’t treat you fairly, the insurance claim attorneys at Kishinevsky Law Firm can step in and advocate on your behalf.

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Is there an uninsured motorist accident lawyer near me?

You can find The Kishinevsky Law firm at 13831 Northwest Fwy., Suite 312, in Houston. We offer plenty of parking, and there’s a bus stop right in front of our building. If you are too injured or disabled to come to us, we can come to your home, hospital, rehabilitation center, or set up a conference via telephone or Zoom. Talk to us today.

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Even when dealing with your own insurance company after a car accident, don’t count on them to put your best interests above their own. The attorneys at the Kishinevsky Law Firm understand the frustration of accidents with uninsured motorists, and we want to help. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you secure the compensation to which you’re entitled for your injuries and losses. Our consultations are always free. Call our offices at 832-529-1111 or fill out our contact form today.