Houston Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Houston Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Skilled representation for injured car accident victims in Texas

When there is a crash involving several motor vehicles, occupants can suffer catastrophic injuries or even death. Multi-vehicle accident cases require seasoned personal injury lawyers due to their complexity. It’s usually fairly easy to determine who is responsible when a car rear-ends another, or when a car drives in the wrong direction, causing a head-on crash. However, multi-vehicle accidents often involve a chain reaction or combinations of several collisions happening one after the other. Often, there are at least two different versions of what happened and who is at fault, with several of the drivers involved pointing the finger at each other.

At Kishinevsky Law Firm, our seasoned personal injury lawyers handle car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. We also handle pedestrian and bicycle accident cases. We work with the police and our own investigators to determine how the accident happened. When necessary, we work with accident reconstruction experts who can slow down the sequence of events to show just what happened – collision-by-collision. Our Houston multi-vehicle accident lawyers are ready to help you now.

What are the most common types of multi-vehicle accidents?

Most Houston accidents that involve multiple vehicles happen in several ways:

  • A chain reaction accident. A common example of this type of accident is when several vehicles of any type (car, truck, or motorcycle) are all waiting at a red light or are stopped in a row one after the other, such as in cases of heavy traffic or a road hazard ahead requiring the vehicles to stop. Whether because of driver distraction or some other reason, the driver approaching several cars stopped ahead in a line does not timely stop his vehicle and hits the car in front of him from behind. This car in turn gets pushed into the one in front of it from the force of impact, and this domino effect continues for the entire line of cars. Generally, in this of type accident, the driver primarily responsible for the crash would be the one who caused the first impact and started the chain of events, though depending on the facts and details, the other cars could also have some responsibility for not keeping enough of a distance from the car in front of them to avoid hitting it.
  • A two-vehicle crash spins out of control. Another common type of Houston multi-vehicle accident is when two cars strike each other. One or both cars may then lose control from the force of impact or have their energy redirected by the impact and be pushed in a different direction. Ultimately, this causes them to enter other lanes of traffic, colliding with more vehicles. Generally, the driver of the vehicle responsible for the two-car crash would have some liability for the resulting additional crashes, though determining liability for each follow-up crash would also involve looking at whether any of the other drivers involved caused or contributed to those crashes by speeding, failing to go around the cars from the crash if they had a chance to do so, failing to monitor the road up ahead, and other similar factors.
  • Vehicles trying to avoid a truck accident. Commercial trucks are very long. If a truck jackknifes, rolls over, or loses its cargo, nearby vehicles may be involved in accidents as they all try to avoid the truck and/or the spilled cargo.

There are many other ways a Houston multi-vehicle accident can happen. In some cases, multiple drivers may also be liable or partially liable.

Why do multi-vehicle wrecks cause such severe injuries?

Multi-vehicle accidents in Houston often cause permanent, serious, or deadly injuries for several reasons.  These include:

  • Sometimes a car is struck multiple times. For example, in the chain reaction example, a middle car may be struck in the rear and then the front of the car may strike the next car in line.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents often cause cars to shift into lanes of oncoming traffic. Cars in the wrong lane of travel are likely to be struck head-on. Head-on crashes are often fatal, especially if either vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed.
  • The airbags may have already been deployed by the time a car is struck a second time.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents often involve collisions at odd angles. Many cars and trucks are built to withstand collisions at the front or rear of the vehicle (at low speeds). Vehicles are not generally built to withstand side or angled collisions.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents increase the odds a truck or car will roll over or that a truck will jackknife.

Multiple impacts can cause multiple injuries or cause a simple injury to become a major injury. Another problem with multi-vehicle accidents is that they tend to make it much more difficult for ambulances, police, and other emergency service vehicles to reach injured occupants.

What makes Houston multi-vehicle accident claims so complicated?

Multi-vehicle accidents required experienced personal injury lawyers for many reasons. For starters, there are more plaintiffs and more defendants.

When there are multiple defendants, each defendant is likely to blame each other. Each insurance company will likely wait to discuss a settlement of your claim until they know the position of the other insurance companies. Often, the presence of multiple insurance companies in the case will also complicate and delay being able to resolve the claims fairly, as the various insurance companies may point the finger at each other and drag their feet on paying to resolve the claim(s) involved if they think one of the other insurers involved may pay a greater portion of the damages, reducing the amount the other insurance company would have to pay.  If more than one defendant is liable, there are usually complex questions about which insurance policy pays for your damages first, and what happens if the insurance coverage is not enough to pay your bills. Generally, the more defendants there are, the more likely there will be enough insurance coverage (among all the defendants) to pay for all your damages.

If a truck driver or commercial driver in the course of his employment caused the accident, then in addition to other at-fault drivers, defendants may include the driver’s employer and other possible parties.

What is the value of my Houston multi-vehicle accident claim?

Our Houston multi-vehicle accident lawyers represent victims with all types of serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, traumatic amputation, fractures, nerve damage, PTSD, and other injuries. For victims and their families whose loved one lost their life as a result of someone else’s fault in a Houston multi-vehicle accident, our lawyers can work with the decedent’s family to pursue a wrongful death claim to seek damages against the responsible persons and entities to compensate the family and Estate of the deceased for the losses they suffered from this tragic event, and to hold accountable the persons and companies at fault for causing the wreck.

We demand compensation for all your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, scarring and disfigurement, and other damages, for as long as you need medical care, are suffering, or can’t work. We work with your doctors and our network of doctors if necessary to fully understand what type of injuries you have, what medical care you will need for the rest of your life, all the ways your injuries are making your life difficult, and the cost of all your medical care. We also work with your employers and financial professionals to verify all your financial losses.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers Houston TX

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Our car accident and truck accident lawyers will fight for all the financial and personal compensation you deserve. We handle Houston multi-vehicle accidents on a contingency fee basis.

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